Lighting Knowledge

Common lighting term

Luminous Efficiency

Luminous Efficiency

Luminous Efficiency is the ratio of Luminous flux and Power Consumption, unit is LM/W. It means that under ome wattage the higher the ratio the higher the Luminous Efficiency for long-time lighting area, Luminous Efficiency is the factor that should be taken into consideration.

Color Rendering Index

Color Rendering Index(CRI)

CRI means the ability of a light source to render an object in true colors. The better the object appears, th closer it is to natural light.

Color Temperature

Color Temperature(CCT)

CCT is mean sured by “K”. it means the when temperature rises, the color change from dark red-light red-Tabasco-white-blue, when the light source color becomes the same with the black object we name the temperature the CCT of the light. CCT under 3000k create warm atmosphere, we can it warm white. CCT over 6000k close to blue, create cool atmosphere.

Light Intensity

Light Intensity

Light intensity means the RSI of the luminous surface or illuminated surface reflected light. Measured by L:CD/m2. Also called Grayscale. For exmaple, when under same illumination black object seems darker than the white one. So Light Intensity is the way to measure the brightness.